(SPECIAL ORIGINALS EPISODE!) In this episode I played uncommon original versions of songs that I like later versions of, be they songs that have been well-covered or cleverly-sampled. First up we heard the song "Sho Nuff" by Fatboy Slim from the single for his classic "Praise You" (iTunes, Amazon) which was created in part using samples from the original song "Jeans On" by David Dundas from his self-titled 1977 album, that can be obtained on a compilation called Naughty By Nice (Amazon). Next, we heard the original version of "Tainted Love", most popular by the 80's new wave band Soft Cell (Amazon, iTunes), we heard the version from 1964 recorded by Gloria Jones (Amazon). Then Blondie's "The Tide is High" (Amazon, iTunes) has always been one of my favorites, but it's actually by reggae legend John Holt, whose original version we heard, from his album Anthology: John Holt - The Tide is High, 1962-1979 (iTunes, Amazon). Then, rounding out the 80s, we heard the original version of 80's dance party favorite "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic), the original provided by The Strangeloves with a version that can be found on I Want Candy: The Best of The Strangeloves (iTunes, Amazon). Then TSiMH favorites The Go! Team's "The Wrath of Marcie" from their new album Proof of Youth (iTunes, Amazon) was created in part by sampling the song "Turn it Around in Your Mind" by the Rhinestone Cowboy himself Glen Campbell and can be found on his 1977 record The Glen Campbell Goodtime Album (iTunes). And finally, They Might Be Giants did "Yeah, Yeah" from their album Mink Car (Amazon, eMusic), which is a cover of Georgie Fame's "Yeh, Yeh" which can be found on his album Get Away With: The Very Best of George Fame and the Blue Flames (Amazon, eMusic).