First up, NYC's own up-and-coming indie heros Vampire Weekend did "Mansard Roof", the title-track from their recent 2 song EP (iTunes, eMusic). While in Paris I may have missed Vampire Weekend, but I made it in time for The Shins, so we heard a remix of their song "Austrailia" by Bjorn (of Sweden's Peter, Bjorn and John), which can be found on the recently released benefit complication Big Change: Songs for FINCA (iTunes) which is not only inexpensive, but for a great cause. What? The Shins aren't a big enough draw? How's about we lay down other great unreleased songs by Norah Jones, Rogue Wave, M. Ward, Antony and The Johnsons, and Tokyo Police Club? Still not convinced to shell out the $8? Ok, well take a listen to this gem from Brooklyn's Beirut called "My Night With the Prostitute from Marseille" from the same album. Now you better pay up! Next we heard two covers of Belle & Sebastian songs from a compilation called Century of Covers - Belle & Sebastian Tribute (download here). First was a radically different take on "Ease Your Feet in the Sea" done by Belgium's Austin Lace, then a charming version of "I'm a Cuckoo" by Sweden's Billie the Vision & The Dancers. Next Chicago's Office, who I played a couple of years ago, have a new album called A Night at the Ritz (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon), consisting primarily of old songs which have been re-recorded. One of the songs I played previously was "Oh My", we here it again on this show, but the new version. And finally, East Los Angeles' Quetzal did a song perhaps more likely to be found on Ritmo Latino than TSiMH called "No Te Ofendas" from their album Die Cowboy Die (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). This episode features clips from an episode of The Family Guy called "Mother Tucker" which you can watch a clip from here.