(SPECIAL GUEST-HOSTED EPISODE WITH LING!) On this week's show, my friend Ling brings his fascinating tastes in "antique pop" to my fine TSiMH listeners! First he played Ameircan singer Ruth Etting doing "Button Up Your Overcoat" from the collection Two Cents a Dance (Amazon). Next Helen Kane (aka Betty Boop) did "That's My Weakness Now" recorded in 1928 and found on the collection Boop-Boop-A-Doop: 27 Original Mono Recordings 1928-1951 (Amazon). Next Germany's Lizzi Waldmüller did "Du Hast Glück bei den Frau'n, Bel Ami" (roughly translated meaning: "You Have Luck with the Ladies, Bel Ami" which can be found on Was Eine Frau Bei Nacht Verspricht (iTunes, Amazon.de). Then Chinese-born, Japanese-voiced Li Xiang Lan (aka Yamaguchi Yoshiko) did "Ye Lai Xiang". Next Austrio-Hungarian-born Marta Eggerth did "Was Kümmert Mich die Ganze Welt" (translated meaning "What is the Whole World to Me?") from the collection Saemtliche veroeffentlichte Schallplatten 1931-1933 (Amazon.de). Next another German, Eva Busch did "Gruß und Kuß" (translated meaning "Regard and Kiss") from a collection called Zauberlied (Amazon.de). Then Zhou Xuan did "Ye Shanghai" (meaning "Shanghai Nights") recorded in 1946 and can be found on Romantic Chinese Hits of the 1930s and 1940s (iTunes). And finally Rina Ketty did her 1938 song "J'attendrai" from Les Etoiles de la Chanson (iTunes, Amazon.de).