(SPECIAL BONUS GUEST-HOSTED AUSTRALIA EPISDOE WITH DOUG!) First up, Kevin Mitchell AKA Bob Evans did "Darlin Won't You Come" from the album Suburban Songbook (iTunes, Amazon). Next Gerling with "Ghost Patrol" from Children of Telepathic Experience (Amazon). Then Ben Lee did "Nothing Much Happens" from Breathing Tornados (Amazon). Then Josh Pyke did "Middle of the Hill" from Memories & Dust (Amazon). Next was Perth's Eskimo Joe with "London Bombs" from Black Fingernails, Red Wine (iTunes, Amazon). Next the disco sounds of Sneaky Sound System with "Pictures" from their self-titled record (iTunes, Amazon) from last year. Then The Waifs did a song I'd never heard call "London Still" from 2003's Up All Night (iTunes, Amazon). Then Paul Kelly did "Every Fucking City" from his Roll on Summer EP (Amazon). Next was Steven Peace doing an untitled song which is unreleased. Then Augie March did "Bottle Baby" from Moo, You Bloody Choir (iTunes, Amazon). Then Pete Murray did "Opportunity" from See the Sun (Amazon). And finally ex-Lemonhead (and little-known-favorite-of-Daniel) Evan Dando did a cover a Ben Lee's "Hard Drive" from Baby I'm Bored (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon). NOTE: I should explain... Doug is a longtime listener of the show who hails from Australia (tho he's currently in the UK). We have corresponded over the years, and following last week's special Australia and New Zealand episode, he went all out and created a special episode just for me. It was so good it warrented being heard far-and-wide, so I'm posting it as a bonus, guest-hosted show. Now enjoy!