First up, a new song by New York City's Laura Cantrell called "Bees" from her (also new, obviously) album Humming by the Flowered Vine (iTunes, Amazon, Other Music) Her song "14th Street" is available for free. Next was Chicago's Ok Go with their brand new cover of The Cure's "The Love Cats" from their Do What You Want EP (iTunes, Amazon). No it's not AS good as the original, but hey not all covers are, listen to Coverville sometime if you don't believe me. Afters that the 1960's pop sensation Jimmy Justice (who was admittedly less than a "sensation" in the US, but big-time in the UK) did a version of one of my favorite standards "I'm Beginning to See the Light" from a collection called Ain't That Funny (The Pye Anthology) (iTunes, Amazon). Then, because I was inspired by their awesome-even-without-Neko Case show at Celebrate Brooklyn over the weekend, we heard the title track from the upcoming (August 9th) New Pornographers album Twin Cinema (Download from Matador's site, pre-order from Amazon). And finally since a little bit of Laura Cantrell is always better when followed with a little more Laura Cantrell — and because i just re-watched Oliver Stone's epic JFK — we heard Laura Cantrell's cover of the old Homer Henderson song "Lee Harvey Was a Friend of Mine" from her original Hello Recording Club release from 1994 (iTunes, Amazon, Other Music). The episode features clips from both Bill Hicks and the June 24th episode of On the Media from NPR. UPDATE: This week's show (as of Wednesday June 29th) has been optimized for the new iTunes v4.9! Now it has jump-to chapter markers and lots of art and links!