(SPECIAL EXTRA-LONG, GUEST-HOST, BONUS EPISODE) One of my bestest friends Andy picks up my slack and hosts this special bonus show during my break. First he played us two tracks from the Violent Femmes; "Old Mother Reagan" from their less-than-hit record The Blind Leading the Naked (iTunes, Amazon), then their cover of the song "Epp Opp Ork Ah-Ah (Means I Love You)" (from the cartoon The Jetsons) from the compilation Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits (Amazon). Next The Burning Sensations did "Pablo Picasso" from the 1984 soundtrack to the film Repo Man (Amazon). The he went all edutainment on us with a trip back to English 2 and Bob Telson and Lee Breuer's "Fair Colonus" and "Lift Him Up", both from Gospel at Colonus (Amazon) an adaptation of Oedipus at Colonus into gospel music. Next was 80's classic, Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based pop band Let's Active with "Flags for Everything" from their 1984 Cypress EP (Amazon). Then it was back to the gospel with The Blind Boys of Alabama doing "Amazing Grace" from their 2000 album Spirit of the Century (iTunes, Amazon). Then Tom Jones paired up with Portishead for the classic "Motherless Child" from Tom Jones: Reload (iTunes, Amazon). Next was Philip Glass featuring vocals by Bernard Fowler with "Changing Opinion" from the 1986 album Songs from Liquid Days (Amazon). And finally a band you're sure to never again hear on The Sounds in My Head, smooth-jazz sensation, the smooth operator herself, Sade with "Immigrant" from her 2000 Lovers Rock (iTunes, Amazon) record.Note: The Blind Boys of Alabama were also featured on The Sounds in My Head last year at this time, with the very same song no less. You can find that episode here.
Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!